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Home Insurance Buyers Guide: First Time Buyers

Congratulations! You’re a homeowner at last. And while the financial responsibilities of having a mortgage, property taxes, and homeowners’ insurance can seem overwhelming at first, you’ve made an investment in your future that can bring security, comfort, and peace of mind. Read More

Buying Home Insurance: A Guide to Getting the Right Policy for Your Needs

Your home is your most valuable investment. Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important financial transactions you’ll make it your lifetime. It’s only reasonable that you would want to do everything that you can to protect your home and everything in it. Read More

A Renter’s Guide to Getting the Right Home Insurance Policy

Do you currently rent and want to know how your resources will be protected in the event of a disaster? Think about it: whether it is a fire, hurricane, or burglary, a disaster doesn’t stop to ask questions about who is going to have to replace the mess left behind. Read More

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  • Discover How to Save More on Your Home Insurance Policy

    No one ever claimed that being a homeowner meant freedom from escalating bills. While homeowners with fixed rate mortgages probably won’t have to deal with rising mortgage payments, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance premiums will continue to rise over the length of your mortgage.

  • 14 Tips to Help You Lower Your Home Owner's Insurance Premium

    Do you think that your current home owner’s insurance premium is too high? If so, then why not find out what you can do to lower it? Home insurance premiums are not mystical calculations based on capricious dealings by wily insurance agents out to get you.

  • Do You Have Enough Home Owner’s Insurance?

    Do you know if you have enough home owner’s insurance? With the exception of providing for the safety of your loved ones, there is nothing more important than protecting your home. Home owner’s insurance offers you protection by enabling you to insure your home in the case of natural disasters, fire, and burglaries.