Travel Health Insurance

Travel Insurance: What to Know Before You Go

The thrill of packing your bags to head off into the unknown is what turns every traveler into an adventurer. But how can you protect yourself from the often unexpected risks that travel brings too? Travel insurance can help you gain the peace of mind to relax and truly enjoy every moment of your trip. Keep reading to learn what every trip-taker should know about travel insurance...

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a special type of insurance intended to cover those who are traveling both within and outside of their home country. Travel insurance isn’t usually required, although some international travel organizations will require participants in their programs to purchase some type of travel health insurance.

In other words, unlike car insurance, you don’t have to have it. You also don’t have to continuously maintain a policy as you would with car insurance. Most travelers purchase traveler’s insurance right when purchasing flights or when booking a trip through a travel agent. The policy then lasts throughout the trip only. For those who are frequent travelers, travel insurance might be needed on a more permanent basis, but for most it is only a temporary need.

What Can Be Covered?

Travel insurance plans are versatile and can cover all types of travel-related costs such as trip cancellations, loss of luggage and other possessions, legal costs, theft, damage to properties, and medical expenses. A cancelled or delayed flight can ruin a trip before it even gets off the ground. Travel insurance can protect the expense of the flight, ensuring that you are fully reimbursed or that another flight will be found for you.

Travel insurance can also cover medical costs that may not be covered by your regular health insurance policy. Many health insurance policies do not guarantee coverage for medical expenses you incur overseas.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

So do you really need to worry about buying travel insurance? Often the answer to this question is one that becomes very apparent once unfortunate events have already occurred. When things go wrong on extended trips, such as cancellations, delays, accidents, thefts and more, it often results in huge frustrations and expense.

The best idea is to sit down, do the math, and figure out whether or not you really need it. While most travelers probably won’t end up needing travel insurance, there are a few cases in which it is advisable to consider buying it.

Consider Buying Travel Insurance...

If you’re planning a very expensive trip or have a very complex itinerary. You might want to purchase travel insurance to guard your investment and prepare for unseen pitfalls. Travelers who are planning a trip many months or a year in advance should also consider getting travel insurance coverage. More time between planning and actually leaving for a trip usually translates to more time for problems to pop up. Ultimately, if you’re travels are taking you overseas or out of your home country, consider travel insurance coverage to protect you in the event of illness, accidents, theft, and other risks.