Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

Are you searching for a health insurance plan, but only need coverage for a brief period of time? If so, then a short term health insurance plan just might be the way to go. Being without health insurance coverage is too much of a risk to take, even if it’s only for a little while. Read below to learn more about short term health insurance to see if it’s the right choice for you or someone you know...

What is short term health insurance?

Short term health insurance plans provide coverage for limited time periods. Term periods can last up to six months with some offering coverage up to one year. Short term health insurance plans are an excellent option for college students and for anyone who is currently between jobs, as well as for anyone who has to wait for another health insurance plan’s coverage to kick in.

Short term vs. traditional health insurance

Traditional health insurance coverage plans are intended to provide continuous coverage from year to year provided the premium payments are kept up with. On the other hand, short term health insurance plans are intended to provide temporary coverage during times of transition for those who don’t want gaps in their coverage. Because of this, there is some difference in what’s covered through each type of policy.

Short term health insurance plans focus on coverage for unexpected illnesses and accidents. Routine health care needs such as preventative care, immunizations, and dental care are usually not covered by short term health insurance. Traditional health insurance plans do offer comprehensive coverage that includes these services and more.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Short term health insurance plans usually will not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing medical condition is usually defined as a condition for which the applicant has received treatment or been diagnosed with sometime within the previous five years. If you have a pre-existing medical condition and need a health insurance plan that will cover it, then short term health insurance is not the way to go.

Benefits of short term health insurance

Short term health insurance has its limitations. It won’t help you pay for dental or vision care and doesn’t cover any type of preventative care. In other words, it can’t take the place of a traditional health insurance policy under which you would receive coverage for preventative medicines and check-ups, physicals, routine dental cleanings, annual exams and those types of health care services.

What short term health insurance can do is protect you in the event of an accident or illness that occurs during a time in which you aren’t covered by a more traditional policy. Because term periods are so short, short term health insurance isn’t a big commitment. You can pick a policy with a term length just long enough to cover a gap in regular coverage.

This flexibility makes short term health insurance a good option for those time periods in life when coverage with a more traditional health insurance policy isn’t possible or doesn’t make sense.