Protect Your Family: Finding a Health Insurance Policy that Works

For single people, especially those who are in good health, finding the right health insurance policy might take very little time at all. But when you have a family to take care of, your health insurance needs change. Finding the right health insurance policy to cover the needs of a family is more complicated. And the complications only multiple if one or more of those family members happen to suffer from chronic medical conditions.

Protect Your Family Finding A Health Insurance Policy That WorksWhen you’re in the market for the right family health insurance policy, the first thing that you’ll need to do is evaluate the needs of each member who is to be covered. Do you, your spouse, or your children have any medical conditions that might require a more than average amount of visits to the doctor’s office? Does anyone in your family require special medications? If so, then take this into consideration when choosing your family health insurance plan. Once you have a good idea of your needs, it will be that much easier for you to pick a family health insurance plan that meets those needs.

Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)

With an HMO family health insurance plan, you’ll be provided with a list of in-network physicians to choose from. Once you select a primary care physician, you will need to inform your health care provider if you want to switch to a different in-network physician. If a member of your family requires the care of a specialist, then a referral from the primary physician will be necessary. Despite the restrictions, HMO plans remain quite popular because they are generally more affordable than some other types of family health insurance plans.

Preferred provider organizations (PPOs)

Having a PPO family health insurance plan means that—while you can still save money by doing so—you aren’t limited to picking a doctor from a list of in-network providers. PPO plans cost a bit more on average than a comparable HMO plan. Also, going outside of the network will mean paying a higher percentage of your costs yourself. A PPO family health insurance plan is best for families who want more control over selecting a doctor. If a member of your family requires frequent visits to one or more medical specialists then this may be your plan.

Point of service (POS) plans

Families that want more flexibility when it comes to their health insurance policy will be best off getting a POS family health insurance plan. This type of health insurance allows you to select any medical provider you want and still get coverage. However, the coverage may not be as comprehensive and the cost may be higher when you opt for this type of health insurance coverage. This kind of coverage is best for families who don’t want to have to worry about limited choice when it comes to doctors or about getting referrals for visits to specialists every time.

All three of these types of managed health care plans will require that you pay a premium for coverage as well as co-payments. You’ll also still be responsible for portions of your total medical bills. When it comes to your ultimate selection you’ll need to decide which type of plan will most closely meet the needs of each of your family members, while still being practical for your budget.