Discover How To Get Casino Comps And Gamble For Free

Discover How To Get Casino Comps And Gamble For Free

When you enter a casino you probably have the realistic expectation that in order to gain the possibility of winning big, you’re going to have to risk losing a little—or a lot—of cash. But you can mitigate some of that risk by discovering all of the ways to get casino comps and gamble for free. Are you ready to learn some free gambling tips that can help you make more money while risking less of the cash that you brought it? If so, then read the following guide that explains what casino comps are and how increase your chances of getting them.

What are casino comps?

Casino comps are basically perks that Casinos offer to patrons as an incentive to get them in and get them gambling. Casino comps may come in the form of free room upgrades, meals and drinks, gifts, entry into shows and exclusive areas of clubs, and of course, free chips to continue to gamble with. Casinos give out comps to try to lure new customers in, keep the ones that are already there playing, and to make sure that patrons continue to return to that particular casino again and again.

Tips to get free casino comps

No, you don’t have to be a celebrity or make millions of dollars and gamble half of it away to get free casino comps. All you have to do in order to get free casino comps is to convince the casino that there may be something in it for them too. Here are some methods that often work.

Stay at a casino

Most casinos have attached hotels where guests can book rooms on a nightly, weekly, or longer basis. Many guests who opt to stay at hotels with casinos will get free casino comps upon arrival to get them down into the casino and playing. This will just be a token amount, but it’s still a way to gamble for free. After your stay, you may also get free casino comps in the mail to get you to entice you to return and try your luck again.

Remain at a table for a while

Even if you aren’t placing huge bets every minute, you may be able to get free casino comps by remaining at a specific table for a long time and staying in the game. The longer you stay, the more opportunity the casino has to make money from you. That said, they will also see that you’re a dedicated player who will probably come back again and spend more if you get free casino comps.

Get a comp card and use it

A comp card is a card offered through the casino that essentially tracks your playing and spending. Casinos use them to determine who is spending and where and how. Don’t worry, casinos can’t track down your personal information or where you live through a comp card. What they can do is determine if you are worthy to get free casino comps. If your comp card shows that you are a valuable player (i.e a player who isn’t just out to get free stuff but is willing to spend too) then you will get free casino comps.

Tip your dealer and your server

You can get free casino comps in the way of free drinks just by sitting at a table or slot machine and playing. But if you don’t tip your server, she or he is not as likely to rush back to give you a refill. Tip your server and odds are that the drinks will keep coming. Same goes for tipping the dealer. Will a dealer kick you off the table for not tipping? Most likely they will not. However, at a table comp cards are typically manually marked by the dealer. If you ‘forget’ to tip then who is to say that the dealer won’t ‘forget’ to mark your card properly if at all.

Ask for them

If you want to get free casino comps you can always simply ask for them. Casinos can very often afford to give out tons of comps a day because they are basically money-making machines. But if the casino sees you as a person who is just greedy and looking for a free ride, they aren’t going to want to hand over the comps. To get free casino comps by asking for them, make sure that you are always very polite, unassuming, and being well-dressed doesn’t hurt. You want to convince them that it’s not a one-way transaction. Meaning, you want the casino to feel that when you get free casino comps, you’ll be giving something back in the way of spending above and beyond what you get for free.

As with anything, to get free casino comps who have to play by the rules of the game. Casinos give out comps for a reason: to attract good loyal customers. Be good to a casino and eventually, they will be good to you. So remember these rules on how to get free casino comps next time you gamble and see just how lucky you can get!