Buying Guides Getting An Insurance Policy For Your Motorcycle

No other drivers feel the same exhilarating sense of freedom and ownership of the road as do those who ride motorcycles. But with that exhilaration comes some added risk that all motorcyclists need to be smart about. If you plan on becoming a motorcycle owner, then picking an insurance policy for your motorcycle is one of the most important things on your to do list.

Buying Guides Getting An Insurance Policy For Your MotorcycleMotorcycle insurance is not only legally required by many states, it’s the only way that you can get protection for yourself in the event of an accident or damage done to the bike. Even if you live in a state in which it is not unlawful to go without motorcycle insurance, you’d be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to protect yourself and your financial security with motorcycle insurance. Here are some tips that will guide you in picking an insurance policy for your motorcycle.

Protect yourself with liability insurance

A liability is a legal responsibility. If you hit another driver on your motorcycle, then you are liable to pay for the damages done to them and to their property. Unless you have motorcycle insurance, you’ll have to pay those bills on your own. Liability insurance covers you up to a certain limit for damages done to the other person’s property and bodily injury to the other persons involved in the accident. You definitely want to get liability coverage when buying insurance for your motorcycle. How much do you want to get? You could go with a lower limit to save a few bucks per month. But it’s better to purchase coverage high enough that it will cover the actual expense of an accident.

Get optional passenger coverage

If you plan on always riding solo then you don’t need to think about getting passenger coverage. But if you plan on carrying others on your bike, even occasionally, then you need passenger coverage. Without passenger coverage you could easily end up getting sued for medical bills should you get in an accident with a rider on back.

Go for uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage protects drivers who get in accidents with other drivers who do not have auto insurance. This is something that all drivers should carry. The reason is because there are far too many drivers on the road cheating the system and driving without insurance coverage. Protect yourself from uninsured motorists by picking an insurance policy for your motorcycle that includes this type of coverage.

Carry comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is what is also known as "full coverage" when it comes to other vehicles. Comprehensive coverage is what covers the cost of replacing or repairing your motorcycle in the event of an accident. If you’re still paying on your motorcycle loan then you will be required to keep full comprehensive by your lender. But even if you have already paid your bike off, it’s a good idea to keep comprehensive coverage on it. Without comprehensive motorcycle coverage, it’ll be up to you and you alone to replace or repair the bike after an accident.